Moxie Mama Wear - quality clothes for all the family!

 Moxie Mama Wear provides quality clothing for all the family!

We work hard to source quality clothing that we are happy to dress our own family in. We stock clothing to suit all family members at all stages of life - baby's, young children, mamas and dads. 

We are focused on helping mamas and their families look good in the styles they love - with a special focus on providing clothing for mamas who are growing and nourishing baby's through sourcing beautiful and functional maternity and breastfeeding clothing. 

So if you rave about rockabilly, are passionate about pin-up, or want a touch of tattoo wear - check out what Moxie Mama Wear has on offer!


So who am I?

I am a mama to 4 beautiful and busy children (3 boys and 1 girl) and am married to an amazing man who supports me in following my dreams and working towards my own goals. I am a qualified early childhood teacher and worked with young children for many years. 

I have always struggled to feel comfortable in the clothes I wear and how I look - until I discovered pin-up and rockabilly clothing. I realised it is the style I love, along with punk and gothic styles (I'm a bit eclectic). However, it wasn't until I was in a serious accident that I came to the conclusion that we must all be happy and comfortable in our own skin and our own style. BUT I was breastfeeding so couldn't find something I loved that was functional for my needs (and my baby's needs).

Then I found Moxie Mama Wear at a market and bought what is still one of my favourite dresses a few years later! 

Moxie Mama Wear was started by a beautiful mama in 2014 as she had discovered the same fashion frustrations when pregnant and breastfeeding. When I saw in 2020 that Moxie Mama Wear was looking for a new mama to look after it and give it the care and love all baby business's need, I felt this would be a wonderful change for me and my family. And so a new dream began.

It is an absolute pleasure to be able to offer quality clothing to mamas and their families. 

To all the Moxie Mamas, dashing Dads, and crazy kids, check out what we have in stock, stay awesome, and please feel free to contact me with questions and queries you may have at 

Peace, love, happiness & foxy frocks

Desire Purnell