Events Calendar

We really enjoy meeting all our customers and followers so please do stop by our stand when we are at events you are attending. It is great to meet you and to have your feedback in person as well. If you are wanting something particular from our store to try on, let us know so we can ensure we bring it for you.

We have attended a few events recently, however we are going to take a break this summer as we juggle children, pets, and full time working weeks. We will be back at it from the end of March when we will attend the Vintage Markets at Beach Hop!

We really do look forward to meeting you all!

Upcoming Events:


Vintage Markets at Beach Hop -

Thursday 23rd March 2023 - Saturday 25th March 2023


Past Events:

Mangakino Hop - July 2022

Beauty School Drop-In - August 2022

Vintage Markets at Beach Hop - November 2022